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America is a paradise for outdoors activities. Diving, kitesurfing and fishing are the popular sports. The whole continent it is also a surfer paradise, with so many waves and good surfers. In fact, ancient surfing start in south America, in north Peru. Calima Surf arrange surf camp and surf school in Punta Hermosa (one hour driving distance from Lima) and also surf trips from Lima to north Peru, so you will be able to surf Centinela, Pacasmayo and Chicama, one of the longest left of the world.

3000 of years ago, the little Totora boats were an indispensable element of the Ancient peruvian fishermen, because the could easily come back with the fishing of the while they enjoyed the enormous pleasure of surfing. Today, Peru is a country hwre you see a kid sharing waves with kid grandfather

West and East coast o America offer perfect waves. In the east coast of south America, Brasil is one of the biggest surfing nation due surfing is the popular national sport after futbol. There is no many big waves, but the weather, the food, the surfers and the cool environment make of Brasil a perfect destination for learning surf or improve your level.

Salvador Bahia is a blend of surfing culture and Capoeira, while Itacare is called The Maracana of surfing, due the National Super Surf Qualify and the Female WQS and WCT that roll every years at Tiririca Beach.

Central America means tropical water, jungle and perfect waves. Big riders never regret of Puerto Escondido (Mex Pipe), because Cicatella beach produce perfect and king size barrels. At top it of, around Puerto it s allot of secret spots that we will not mention here. Situated in Salina Cruz, La Joya (The Jewell) was one of the Mexican spot secrets until the WCT Some where in Mexico. At El Salvador you will also find some perfect point breaks, while Costa Rica offer some of the strongest and hollows beach breaks. Anyway, in Costa Rica you will be able to learn surfing or improve in Jaco Beach, a soft wave with all the commodities and exciting night life around.

And if you like kite surfing, then you will love Cumbuco and Cabarete. Cumbuco is located in north Brazil and it’s a fishing village with 9 months of wind. Cabarete is located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea (Dominican Republic) and its paradise of white sand, clear water and tropical nights.


Escuela de Surf – Surfaris – Alojamiento – Surf Camp

Caribe y Pacífico – El Salvador (Surf Scool, Surf Camp and Surftrip)

Itacare – Brasil (Surfscool, Surf Camp, Accommodation and Capoeira Camp)

Salvador Bahía – Brazil (Surfschoo, Surf Camp and Yoga)

Punta Hermosa – Perú (Surfschool, Accommodation, Diving, Fishing, Multiadventure and Surftrip to the North)

Oaxaca – Mexico (Surf School, Surf Camp, Surf Trip, Diving Tour)

Jaco Beach – Costa Rica (Surf School, Surf Camp, Surf Camp Girl)


Kitesurf – Escuela – Kitesurf Camp – Alojamiento - Tutorias

Cabarete – Republica Dominicana (Rental Equipment, Kitesurf School , Accommodation)

Cumbuco – North East Brasil (Rental Equipment, Kitesurf School, Accommodation)