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Indonesia is the dreamed holidays destination for every surfer. Warm water and allot of waves. In the Calima Surf Family, we say that every spot has a perfect moment depending of the tide, the wind and the swell direction… well, in Indonesia this can happen every day. That’s why we can guarantee world class waves.

Bali is a perfect destination to learn surfing, due the weather and their perfect beach breaks. We arrange Surf Course level 1 and level 2 in Kuta Beach and Binging. And we offer two kind of accommodation. Experienced surfers use to prefer to take advantage of the conditions and search some uncrowned waves aboard. The boat trips is exactly what we use to see in the surf videos. Anyway, if you prefer to stay in land, Lombock (one of the Mentawai islands) remain the best option since the resort on the island offer good quality accommodation and a zodiac to search the best waves around.

G-land is another good choice: a hollow left with many hollow sections. The famous section it’s called Speed. This epic surf spot is located in south Java, and it’s the place where Kelly Slater, Gerry Lopez and Tom Carrol have shown that not only in Hawaii you can travel deep in the barrel.

At top it all, Indonesia its more than a surfer paradise, divers know what we are talking about, in fact, the staff there say that Indonesia will be so famous for divers as to day is it for surfers, mainly in Mentawais, where the unique sea life its a wonderful spectacle. Mentawai it is also a perfect dive destination that mean tranquillity, clear water, tropical jungle and the best Dive Center of Indonesia.

Surfing destination for your perfect holidays around of the islands:

Bali Surf Camp – Surf School, Boat Trip, Surf Trips, Accommodation

G-Land Surf Camp – Transfer from Bali, Accommodation and zodiak

Mentawai Boat Trip – surf charters and dive holidays, All inclusive system

Mentawai Resort – Accommodation, zodiak, all inclusive

Diving Indonesia

Mentawai –Dive Center and school, Accommodation, Professional PADI Courses