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Our professional kiteboarding school Tarifa teaches kitesurfing for 6 years, is member of the club Ataden Tarifa.

Why CalimaSurf Tarifa has become one of the biggest and most succesful kiteboarding destination?
Because our international team of qualified and experienced kite instructors, and the application of the latest teaching methods and the latest equipment available on the kitesurfing market.


Kite lessons are held in perfect English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Italian.

the help of walky-talkies, that allow the direct contact of teacher and student. Kite courses at our kitesurf school in Tarifa start every day, for all levels and the groups are limited to 4 students per instructor. For students, who prefer a very personal training, there is also the possibility of private lessons and for the advanced and independant kiter the supervision or kite rental. All the kite equipment in our kite school Tarifa is from the latest season to make the students’ progress in kitesurfing as easy and safe as possible. We also use bow kites in the kite lessons. All the necessary equipment, a double insurance and an IKO-certificate of your level is included in our kite courses in Tarifa, Spain.

Packages for all levels: from inexperienced to Experted
Our kite school offers you professional lessons in Tarifa for all levels from the first contact up to the expert, who wants to learn the latest tricks and jumps. Apart from the basic kite courses, we tailor kite lessons up to the level of each student to maximise the students success and offer private lessons for the students, who want to learn the maximum in a minimum of time.

For the slightly more advanced, there is the possibility of supervision or kite equipment rental. Also here we offer in our kitesurf school Hotstick Tarifa the latest equipment available.

We offer courses for almost all ages and abilities. This sport can be learnt and enjoyed by everyone. For children, the recommended minimum age to take part in a kite course is 8 years.

Kitesurf Tarifa
Kitesurf Tarifa
Kitesurf Tarifa

All Courses Include

    • New Equipment from the actual season
    • Walky talkies used to maintain contact with the student in the water
    • Transfer to the beach
    • Double insurance

An IKO kiteboarder card upon completion of the course

Kitesurf Tarifa
Kitesurf Tarifa
Kitesurf Tarifa

Kiteboarding Courses Details


Language: Courses are given in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian.

Beginner Lessons:

Starting with the basics, our beginner lessons cover all aspects of kite set-up, tuning, flying technique, rider safety and responsability. Once all of these issues have been covered, its time to hit the water! Here you will learn how to control the kite in the water, how to relaunch, and how to do a water start and get up on the board!

Intermediate Lessons:

Is it Time to push your riding skills to the next level? Learn how to increase your riding confidence, ride up wind, turn, ride toe-side and do your first jumps.

Advanced Lessons:

For riders who want to take things a step further, and learn all the latest new school moves, as well as the classic old school ones. Big air, wake style, wave riding, whatever goals you have, we are here to help you achieve them.

Private Lessons:

Our instructors are available for one on one tuition for those of you that prefer maximum attention.



All kite Courses Prices Includes:

  • Full equipment
  • Double insurance and an IKO certification of your level
  • Lessons in english, spanish, german, french, dutch and italian.
  • maximum 4 students per instructor


Taster course: 1 day x 70 euros p.p. (3 hours)

  • Wind, conditions, wind-window
  • Safety
  • Setup of bar, lines and kite
  • Steering and control of a 2-line-kite on the beach
  • Steering and control of a 4-line-kite on the beach
  • Landing and starting of a kite



Beginner course Tarifa: 2 days x 135 euros p.p. (3 hours per day)

  • Wind, conditions, wind-window
  • Safety
  • Setup of bar, lines and kite
  • Steering and control of a 2-line-kite on the beach
  • Steering and control of a 4-line-kite on the beach
  • Landing and starting of a kite
  • Kitecontrol in the water, bodydrag
  • Relaunch of a tube kite from the water
  • Waterstart
  • Riding downwind


Advanced course Tarifa: 4 days x 280 euros p. p.

  • Safety
  • 4-lines
  • Waterstart
  • Riding downwind
  • Riding upwind
  • Transitions

Private kite lesson: 4 days x 440 Euros p.p. (2 hours per day)

Supervision:  4 Days x 240 Euros p.p. (3 hours per day)

Kite renta:l 4 day x 240 Euros p.p.


Note: Kite courses in Tarifa are given everyday


Kitesurf Tarifa
Kitesurf Tarifa
Kitesurf Tarifa

All of our courses include the latest equipment and insurance cover. Walky talkies are used to maintain
student/ instructor communication whilst you are out on the water.

Choose what equipment you need and for what length of time, and we will create a package suited to you. Proof of your kiteboarding level is required in order to rent equipment from us.


Tilo has been teaching kiting for more than 6 years, on various places and in different kite schools worldwide like tarifa, Egypt, Mauritius, cape verde and south africa. Teaching 4 years windsurfing and sailing before, he had already collected a vast experience as instructor in these watersports, before getting infected by the kite-virus. Tilo is 36 years old and also managing the kitesurf school in Tarifa. He speaks fluent German, English, Spanish and French.

Lucia is a graduated sports teacher and has more than 4 years experience in kite teaching. Working before as ski- and swim instructor for adults and children, she has a huge theoretical and practical knowledge of teaching and is especially qualified to instruct children. Lucia is 33 years young and speaks excellent Spanish and English.

The Best Equipment
We use the latest equipment available on the market, kites and boards from best kiteboarding, the biggest brand in kite surfing, and boards from xelerator, to guarantee you the best equipment possible to kite Tarifa. For the first contacts with kiting we have very stable beginnerkites in either 2- or 4-lines, for the more advanced we dispose of faster and more powerful 4-line kites. Also bow kites are used in the kite courses, which makes learning to kite board a lot easier and safer.
The kite school in Tarifa disposes of more than 50 kites from 1,5m trainer kites to 13m tube kites, which guarantees you the perfect size of kite for every wind condition in Tarifa and level. Especially in the beginning it is most important to use small kites to avoid any risk.
Of course all our bars are equipped with the latest safety-systems. We dispose of sufficient long-legged wetsuits made by rip curl, seat-harnesses by mystic, life jackets and helmets by alder and b3 to contribute to our most important target: teach you kiting under complete safety.
We have various kite boards for every level: voluminous directionals and bigger twintips for beginners and smaller twintips for the more advanced.


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