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The Trip

References for a flight from Spain to Indonesia: 

No worries, we will give you more information once you have booked your holidays to make sure you have a safe trip.... 

Companies we recommend: 

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Qatar Airways

These companies are used to dealing with surfers and will not charge you for your equipment. They also have some of the cheapest prices! Here are the main differences between the two companies : 

Singapore Airlines flies from Barcelona to Singapore with a stop over in Italy (refuelling). Unlike Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines has domestic flights all across Indonesia. It is so much easier for those wishing to travel more during their stay (for example if you want to go to Bali after surfing Mentawai...). The biggest advantage of Singapore Airlines is that, even though the prices get slightly more expensive after three months, they remain affordable. 

Qatar Airways flies from Madrid to Bali, with a stop over in Doha (Qatar). !! You will have to buy another ticket in order to get to Padang, choosing between numerous Indonesian companies: Batavhia, Adam Air, Garuda Indonesia...(we recommend Garuda). A good thing about Qatar Airways is it offers very cheap tickets, as long as you don’t stay more than 2 or 3 months...Be warned, the prices increase a LOT after this time limit!  

References for a flight from your country to Indonesia: 

To reach Mentawai by boat you should first go to Padang, which is on the coast of Sumatra Island (situated North of Australia).

Anyone wishing to surf the beautiful Mentawai Islands has to take a connecting flight from Padang or Singapore (international flights), or Jakarta or Medan (domestic flights). 

The best thing to do is probably to fly to Singapore directly from your country, as it is easier to get there. Once in Singapore, there are many companies offering flights everyday to Padang at reasonable prices (between 40 and 125euros) : 

  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Tiger Airways
  • Singapore Airlines

All these companies are used to having surfers as clients, and there will not be any problem to transport your board. 

Another good idea is, once you know where you are going (Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia), go to a good ticket agency that works with these flight companies.

You must get to the international airport of Padang, where we will pick you up and take you to the Resort to the Boat.

Visa: New Indonesian Visa System has informed that all person whom  loves to travel to Indonesia that from the 01-08-05 visa system  has changed, and now you can obtain your tourist visa for 30 days from the arrival to the country.

Verify if your nationality requires visa of entrance in Indonesia
The passport must have been issued from at least 6 months prior to the date of arrival

But the important thing to remember in this list, is to be sure that the passport is in rule and has a valid VISA. To some countries the entrance in Indonesia is not allowed  if the date of expiring of the passport is within the next six months from the date of entrance, or if you are from a country  that requires a special VISA to enter. Most of people can manage her VISA from their entrance to Indonesia, including citizens of the United States and Australia, but before of the purchase of the airplane ticket, please  verify with your local authorities to make sure you are covered.

The waves in Mentawai are located west of the islands except some of them. The distances among them are not so long. For example, if you are in the Patio you must surround ten waves to surf (Kanduis, the North of Kanduis, the Midle-island, Johnkendy, etc. ...) ...and if you are in Telescopes you have other waves more to surf (Scarcrews, Arik, Force suicide on, Iceland, etc. ...)

In Mentawai, surf is not the only activity you can do.. There are other on board including activities like diving with breathing tube, fishes, etc....
The best advice when we make the luggage for a trip of surf is to travel light.. This rule is fundamental for a trip of surf by the Mentawai Islands - when most of your time is spent in the water.
The following list is divided in two categories: In the Water and outside the Water. It was created to give ideas and to help you to have a track of articles to bring in your next adventure of surf in Mentawai.

In the Water
Great waves ties(2)
Bermuda shorts(2)
Key of keels (3)
Games of keels
Helmet (optional)
Ties (4)
Licra of long sleeve and cuts (optional)
Tube of diving (optional)
Tables of surf
Cap (optional)
Solar cream (Factor 40)
Wax of hot water
Comb for wax

Outside the water
Airplane tickets (+ copy)
Prism binocular (optional)
Cash money (new Tickets)
Comb (optional)
Contact lenses (extra)
Box of contact lenses
Cleaner of contact lenses
Credit card (+ copy of I number)
Antiperspirant (optional)
Resin, fiber and Solaris
International permission (+ copy)
Sun glasses
Reading material
Long sleeve t-shirts
Medication against Malaria (Optional but advisable)
Hydrate Cream (Optional but advisable)
Mosquitoes repellent with DHT (Optional but advisable)
Lining of several tables
Small personal medicine kit (optional)
Trousers (1)
Passport (+ copy)
Impermeable suitcase
Shaving cream, shampoo
Bermuda (2)
Gel of shower
Socks (3)
Camera (if he is digital - with cable USB/FIREWIRE)
Towels (2)
T-shirts (3-4)
Impermeable jacket (optional)

Check details about mentawai location