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This camp accommodation consists in a big house, Moroccan style, with excellent comforts. It is located 18 km North of Agadir, in Tamraght village. The most popular beaches and surf spots around Taghazout are very near from our surf house, just few minutes by car: this is the perfect location for your surfing holidays.

With a traditional Moroccan atmosphere you will be surrounded by a mystic ambience that will make your surfing holidays unforgettable. The surf house villa Solario has a big terrace just over the sea, offering you a unique sunset view of the Atlantic that you can enjoy over an evening meal.

Villa Solaria:

- Studios for two or even three people (kitchen and shower, toilet) with possibility to rent a TV.
- 1 double room for two or three people (toilet and shower).
- One apartment with three rooms for two peoples each, with living room, kitchen and bathroom.

For a small extra charge you can use the washing machine, and there's wireless connection available.
There's also a marvelous garden, and a terrace with a splendid view to the coastline.

The CALIMA SURF CAMP is easy going and with a friendly atmosphere. At our surf camps you can meet people from all over the world with whom you will share this wonderful experience. Here our religion is surf and nature and our objective is to make you feel home. You will become a part of the great “Calima family” since your first day with us and benefit from our many ongoing special offers… check this site regularly!

You’ll be accommodated in a beautiful villa with garden and great sea view of the Taghazout bay.

Camp for beginners, intermediated and advanced surfers in North Agadir


This level is perfect if this is going to be your first surf experience, or, even if you had already some session in the water, you still don’t feel like going on your own. Here everybody is a beginner, ready to learn how to catch waves and surf! No place to be ashamed… You’ll progress together with the other people in a truly friendly environment.

In a safe environment, guaranteed by our professional lifeguards/instructors (certified by the French Surfing Association) you’re going to learn how to stand up on the waves you paddle in just 30 hours! No joke! Your progresses will be shared with other beginners giving you the opportunity to get better at any moment. In just 30 hours we guarantee you’ll be surfing.

And of course is the best to introduce your kids to the Sport and the Ocean. Your progresses will be shared with other beginners giving you the opportunity to get better at any moment. In just 30 hours we guarantee you’ll be surfing!

You’ll get better at each hours spending time with other beginners like you ready to learn and have fun! A great experience for you, with specialists of water rescue looking after your safety.

You’ll learn all the safety measures necessary for the safe practice of this wonderful sport; you’ll also have a complete introduction to the Ocean breath theory: the sea cycles, the daily and astronomic tides, the currents and the rips, the weather conditions and forecasting, the breaks bottoms, etc.: all the important information for your future free surfing sessions.


If you are an intermediate surfer, this level course is made up for you! If you already did a level 1 surf course, or if you surf but not regularly and you want to improve your skills: that’s the best choice.

Our surf instructors certified by the French Surfing Association will evaluate your skills and supervise your training, advising or correcting whatever is necessary to improve your surf.  Surf in a very good and safe atmosphere without having to carry your own material. In this level we'll help you perfect your style.

Before the course starts, our lifeguards/instructors (certified by the French surfing Association) will watch you catching a couple of waves, to know your skills and abilities, and to know which one is the best training for you to improve.

You’ll rapidly gain a lot of security on the waves, reading the wall and the lips movement, forecasting the developing of the wave and improve and develop your tricks.

Usually, any surfer, acquire some “bad habits” on its own free surf sessions: that’s what we’re going to correct, to make your style get better and better. You’ll know better everything about the weight balancing on the board, the paddling techniques, the duck dive secrets, and the bottom turns execution. And maybe at the end of the course you’re going to realize a very deep cut back or some radical reentry!

All this in maximum safety: our instructors are certified beach lifeguards that will guarantee your fun and improvement with no risk for your safety.

These courses take place at the same beaches and on the schedules of the level one course.



Recommended from October to end of April

With our Surf Guide you will surf the best waves of the day no matter where they are located. Designed for the competent surfer looking to get out there and have some solid fun in the Moroccan surfing environment. Each morning you will be picked up by our expert Surf Guide and taken to the best surf spot of the day in the area.

Don’t waste time searching for good waves. Our Surf Guide, with its local knowledge, will take you there. Just bring your own material, and let you drive around to the best spots.

These kinds of Surfaris are made to fit to advanced/experienced surfers: if you think you are ready to surf in shallow reef breaks, share the peak with the locals, and paddle anything on way, then this is the level for you!

Our guides will be with you in the water and will help you to choose the appropriate waves for you to improve your skills.

You’ll learn how to “behave” in the water, respecting the locals, knowing the priority rules and learning how to avoid conflicts which undoubtedly will be useful in future surf trips anywhere in the world.

We remember that you’ll have to bring your own gear, that it is not included in this package: nobody knows better than you which kind of wood you want to ride!

You’ll be guided by our team sharing with you the knowledge acquired in 20 years of surfing all around the world. You’ll also have some very useful advice about each single spot: how to get in and out, how to use or avoid the currents, how to read the waves and the sets, to avoid hazardous situations.

Go out there!


You can choose between two alternatives in Villa Solario with full board or just breakfast for your holidays in Morocco destination:

Surf courses for beginners and intermediated surfers  + accommodation at villa Solario with full board or only breakfast

- Transport from and to the airport (Agadir)
- Accommodation (7 days)
- Full board or only breakfast (different prices)
- Surf courses  5 days (3 - 4 hours per day)
- Transport to the surf spots
- Video support
- Surf guides
- Surf equipment

Guide  for advanced surfers  +  accommodation at Villa Solario with full  board or only breakfast

- Transport from and to the airport (Agadir)
- Accommodation (7 days)
- Full board or only breakfast (different prices)
- Transport to the best surf spots every day
- Local surf guides for  advanced surfers


Surf Camp  +  Surf Lessons  +   Accommodation  Villa Solario

Open all year around

     Full Board

  Only Breakfast

Extra Charge Single Room

1 Week

         360 €

          310 €

   70 €/per week

2 Weeks

         690 €

          590 €

   70 €/per week

Surf Camp + Surf Guide + Accommodation Villa Solario

Surf Guide Recommended   October to end April

    Full Board

   Only Breakfast

Extra Charge Single Room

1 Week

        320 €

         280 €

70 €/per week

2 Weeks

        590 €

         510 €

70 €/per week


*** Please check details of different type accommodation for your holiday with the top comfort accommodation near to the best surf spots around Agadir

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