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Morocco is a popular European surfing destination, due to its perfect waves and the nice weather. Both beginners and advanced or expert surfers will enjoy Taghazout area, because there’s a wave for everyone! Furthermore surfing in Southern Morocco is predominantly long classic opening up wall-waves.

The surf camp is located 18km north of Agadir-Tamraght. Taghazout is a small lovely fishing village, developed in one-lane with narrow streets and colorful architecture!

During the Seventies Taghazout was just a lost hippie paradise, with people coming from all over the world to live the Life, but today is regarded as one of the best surf towns in the country, with 350 days of sun per year and a wide variety of waves.

Here you can find a blend of the ancient culture, golden sunset’s sceneries, perfect waves, great history and unique arts and handcrafts. This is the perfect place to improve your surfing but also to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.


Anchor point - Taghazout
Killer point

We can lift you up from the Agadir Airport to our Surfcamp, where you will share accommodation with other beginner and experienced surfers. The Camp Packages in Southern Morocco also include the best international and local food.

Camp for beginners, intermediated and advanced surfers

You can choose between three surfing holidays alternatives in Morocco:


If this is going to be your first surf experience, don’t worry and don’t be ashamed: this is the perfect course level for you! Everybody is here to learn how to catch their first waves and surf; you’ll progress together with the other people in a truly friendly environment. Even if you already had some sessions in the water, but you feel like is not time yet to go on your own, this course can be the perfect choice, for you. And of course the best way to introduce the youngest to the Sport and the Ocean! You’ll get better at each hour, spending time with other beginners like you ready to learn and have fun!

In a safe environment, guaranteed by our professional lifeguards/instructors (certified by the French Surfing Association) you’re going to learn how to stand up on the waves you paddle in just 30 hours! No joke! A great experience for you, with specialists of water rescue looking after your safety.

Actually we’re also going to teach you some basic rules for the safe practice of the Sport, introducing you to the sea cycles, the rips and currents theory, the forecasting weather conditions, the waves’ generation mechanisms:  a lot of thing you really want to know when you’re going to surf on your own free sessions.


This level course is made for the intermediate surfer, who already did a 1st level course, or that already surfed and knows how to feel comfortable in the water, but can’t get wet regularly. Or just if you are a surfer but you feel a little bit out of shape and you want to get back to the action in a good, friendly and safe atmosphere, using our surf equipment adequate to your skills.

Before the course starts, our lifeguards/instructors (certified by the French surfing Association) will watch you catching a couple of waves, to know your skills and abilities, and to know which one is the best training for you to improve. With our advices and supervision, you’ll be able to read the waves, the lips and wall movements, to do the right trick in the right section of the wave.

All this in maximum safety: our instructors are certified beach lifeguards that will guarantee your fun and improvement with no risk for your safety.

Usually, any surfer, acquire some “bad habits” on its own free surf sessions: that’s what we’re going to correct, to make your style get better and better. You’ll know better everything about the weight balancing on the board, the paddling techniques, the duck dive secrets, and the bottom turns execution. And maybe at the end of the course you’re going to realize a very deep cut back or some radical reentry!

These courses take place at the same beaches and on the same schedules of the level one course.



- Recommended tours from End of October to April -

If you’re looking for some solid fun in the North African surf wonderland, we advice you to come in the winter season, when southern Morocco goes off! Designed for the advanced/expert surfer, that does not need any lessons at all, that is competent in the water and knows what he wants from the waves and from its surfing.

With our Surf Guide you will surf the best waves of the day no matter where they are located. Each morning you will be picked up by our expert Surf Guide and taken to the best surf spot of the day in the area.

Our Guide, with its local knowledge, will take to the best waves: don’t waste time searching! Just bring your own material, and let you drive around to the best spots.

If you think you are ready to surf in shallow reef breaks, share the peak with the locals, and paddle anything on way, then this kind of Surfaris are the perfect choice for you!
As nobody knows better than you which kind of wood you want to ride, bring your own boards and equipment: we remind you that they’re not included in this package.

Our Guides team will share with you its knowledge acquired in 20 years of worldwide surfing experience. In each spot they’ll going to tell you any detail notice about getting in and out, reading the sets and avoiding the rips or hazards. The Surf Guide will paddle out there with you, showing you the way to behave with the local crew, about priorities and the best way to avoid conflicts: undoubtedly useful in your future surf trips anywhere in the world!

Surfing Packages incluided:

Package A (25 hours of surf lessons)

  • 7 days accommodation with full board
  • 6 days surf courses / 5 hours lessons every day beginners or intermediated
  • Professional surf instructors.
  • All the equipment you need to surf
  • Transfers to and from Agadir Airport.


Package B (15 hours of surf lessons)

  • 7 nights half board
  • 6 days lessons /3 hours courses every day beginners or intermediated
  • Professional surf instructors
  • surf equipment
  • Transfers to and from Agadir airport


Package C: Advanced surfers - Surf guide tour

  • 7 nights full board
  • 6 days surfaris
  • Local surf guide
  • Transfers to and from the Agadir airport
  • Surfing Morocco (you can see the best waves in Agadir area)
Calima Surf Camp Prices - Morocco - Tamraght -Taghazout

Optión A

Optión B

Optión C

2 People minimun

400 euros

330 euros

408 euros


Travel singles Extra charge 45 € per week




Surf house in Tamraght - Taghazout


Morocco surf cam


Calima Surf House - Villa Riad


*** Please check details of different type accommodation for your holiday with the top comfort accommodation near to the best surf spots around Agadir

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