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Surfing in Morocco - Agadir - Taghazout



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Waves Guide;

Morocco, with its 1.835 km kilometers of open ocean facing coastline, offers to the surfer a variety of opportunities. On its Atlantic side, rocky bottoms alternate with sandy ones, offering a blend variety of waves, from average beach breaks to world class reef breaks and point breaks that peel out super waves in any surfing season.

Southern Morocco:
Southern Morocco offers amazing solid groundswell surf from September to April and smaller glassy conditions in the summer months from May to August. Agadir and Taghazout’s excellent point breaks and beach breaks has been attracting surfers to its shores since the 1970, when the first early pioneers realized its true potential and wave magnetism. The beauty of Morocco is that all along the southern shore you will find long points that let the surf roll down into glorious long beaches. Even though the best time for surfing in Morocco for experienced surfers is usually during winter because the shore of Agadir and Taghazout receives more consistent and solid swells, this season is also good for beginners due to many waves with sand bottoms and few crowds.
Although Americans and Australians were the surfers who first brought the Sport to Morocco in the 1970’s, and now the European Surfer along with his Moroccan counterpart is populating the line ups, crowds are still not really a problem.
Our surf guide will describe to you some of the most well-known and important waves in Agadir area, Southern Morocco.

The small village of Taghazout, 20km north of Agadir, is sheltered from the winds by Cap Ghir and the surrounding hills in the outback, guaranteeing a great microclimate all year long. The winter air temperature never drops below 22ºC during the day, and the average water temperature is 18º- 20ºC. The prevalent daytime winds cross the South Atlantic mutating into side shore breeze refreshing the almost equatorial sun.

North Morocco also offers some of the greatest right hander waves of Africa. If you are looking for excellent tubey solid surf, we can recommend to spend some days in Safi in late winter (January, February and March), when the big swells find the point break full of sand. Right in front of the wave of Safi you will find the 4 stars hotel "Panoramic Atlantic", the best place to stay.

Many surfers dream with inaccessible exotic destinations, but you can be sure that this beautiful African shoreline is full of indescribable and gorgeous surprises even for the most exigent and experienced surfer.

Basically it’s up to you and your preferences. The best all rounder is a 3/2mm full suit and some trunks.

The range of waves is large. To generalize, the majority of waves are right hander point breaks from soft, slow, rolling spots to heavy, fast barreling spots. Use equipment to suit your ability and what you want to surf.

Also remember: our Surf Camp package for beginners and intermediate surfers include boards and wetsuits.

Surf Shops:
There are a few surf shops in Taghazout. Most of the shops offer board repairs they are often cheap and good of quality.

Surf spots around Taghazout:
Taghazout offers nice waves all over the area, very easy for intermediated and beginner surfers and also some secret or more challenging spots that our surf guide will show you for some special day of your holidays with us. Swells are generated out of the Atlantic Ocean leaning along the Moroccan coastline with incredible regularity and the regions benefits even further due to its geographical make up of points and long sandy beaches. Moroccan surf simply won’t be a disappointment, for those looking for classic abundant waves.

North Agadir - Banana Village
South of the village is Banana beach, well known for soft waves so it is popular among longboarders and beginners. Beginners can improve very quickly here because the waves are long and consistent.
On the best days the right peak sheltered by the point can offer some good sessions, while on any average day, the long beach break will offer you the opportunity to surf your own waves.

Taghazout - Anchor Points
This long right works with any tide and is considered a world class wave. Despite of being one of the most perfect and well-known waves in Morocco, the locals are very friendly.
This quality point break can show perfect lines and is located less than 1 km north of Taghazoute town center. It breaks off a pier and can connect all the way into Taghazoute. The level of surfing here can be high, making it a perfect break for intermediate to expert surfers. It works over 4 feet, and holds over 15 feet. Jimmy Hendrix named the area in 1967 due to the anchors that had been left there from earlier times.

Taghazout - Hash Point
This right hander point spot is just north of the town's center not known only for its quality waves, actually it gets its name from the abundant Hashish smoked by the people down there. Anyway you can catch some funny waves from time to time and of course “enjoint” the environment. It can be good on its day. Entry is easy from a little beach. According to Storm Riders Guide it is ideal for beginners and stoners and is probably the most convenient spot choice if you do not want to walk and paddle all the way up to the main peaks at Anchor Point, or Mysteries.

Taghazout - Panorama
Panorama is a fast right with excellent shape, located only 500 meters from Taghazout.
It is very consistent during winter time, since it requires at least one meter (4 ft) groundswell to start working. It is easy to access and has a sandy bottom which sectioning banks work at almost any tide. Panorama Point is a fast and hollow wave. It is usually compared with Anchor point because they are both long, perfect rights.
Entry is best north of the break from a little cove just around the point; the current will help you to get to the line-up very quick.

Taghazout - Mysteries
Between the several breaks located next to Anchor, this one seems to pick up more swell than the other spots. Entry is from the beach. Mysteries works fine from 2 to 6 feet, the incoming set will materialize to you when the Atlantic Ocean is really pumping.

Taghazout - Killer Point
This spot is for experienced surfers only since it’s a very fast, hollow and long (runs 150mt) wave.
It requires a decent swell to start working and has easy access at low tide. The wave is a very long right hander, and on the right day it can be almost perfect.
Killer point is one of the best waves in the area. It takes less than 30 minutes to walk to this place. It picks up a fair bit of swell, and can hold waves up to 10'. The spot is supposedly named after the killer whales that are sometimes seen there.

Taghazout - The well
Found 2 km north of Taghazout’s town center, The Well (or La Source, in French) is some of the best waves in Morocco.
A well, a natural fresh water spring which rises through the rocks on the high tide line, shapes this wave, making it work in a 2 to 6 feet range, offering both lefts and rights, and sometimes an interesting spectacle of camels and goats in search of fresh water. Here dolphins are an almost daily sight on their daily fishing outing from Cape Ghir in the North.

Nord Taghazout - Boilers
North of Taghazout and just before the lighthouse of Cape Ghir we have spectacular break called Boilers. At times water really boils here!! Boilers is a right hander break. It's a relatively short but fast and barreling type wave. The wind can be blowing strongly offshore here, when there's hardly a breeze at Taghazout. Getting in and out the water from the rock makes it a great surf spot if you are an intermediate-expert surfer.

Nord Taghazout - Tamri
Further north you can find more breaks, but finding access to them can be the hardest bit. Up the coastline 20 minutes is the unspoiled village of Tamri, also known as Äit Tamir, with its long stretches of beach. Tamri is a deserted and beautiful beach break that picks up most swell when all the other spots are flat, and with spectacular caves and its own freshwater well.

Morocco is ideal for all levels of surfer, popular European holidays.

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