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5 days lessons
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2 days kite school
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The camp is 50 m from the beach, 1mn walking distance from the mythical spot of "N'gor right", that you could see in the first "endless summer movies.


Calima Surfcamp - Africa

Basic Package Prices Includes:

  • 7 Night Accommodation – single or shared
  • Airport transfer – by boat and by car
  • Half pension - breakfast and dinner


5 Beds Room -  Private Bathroom

250 euros per week/perso

3 Beds Room - Private bathroom

300 euros per week/person

Double or Single Room - Private Bathroom

350 euros per week/person

Your perfect holidays


You will be able to appreciate a very nice sea view from every where in the Camp… and a colourful garden, with trees and flowers.

Rent a Board: you can also rent a short board or a long board for 15 euros per day

Local Guide: our guides will show you the right spot, so you don`t have to figure up about tide, swell or wind direction.

We also have some Extra Surf Camp Packages in Senegal.
Enjoy all the services included in the surf Camp basic package with extra adds..

Extra Pack 1 -
Half time program – Calima School
2 hours lessons per day (from 10am to 12am) with a experienced instructor. You will have six lessons during the week.

We charge 175 euros extra per week and per person.

Extra Pack 2 - Full time program for beginners
2 hours twice a day ( from 10am to 12am  and 15h30pm to 17h30pm )   six days per week/ 12 surf sessions

We charge 250 euros per week and per person.

If you want to learn to surf or improve your style in Senegal, our school is the perfect place to be, with good surf conditions and charming weather. The practice courses and the theory lessons are kept in English or French.
If you already surf, and you are an intermediate or expert surfer, it‘s possible to rent just the surf equipment, without lessons. We have all the right equipment to fit the needs of any surfer.
If you are looking for beginner lessons, and your aim is to start to learn the art of surfing, you will find what you’re looking for: in our Camp the Surf is tutored by a graduated Surfing Instructor able to teach at the highest level. If you are interested in Surfaris instead, we offer you as Surf Guide a top local surfer, who knows every single secret surf spot and will get you there on time for the best waves of the day.
All our instructors are certified and have a lot of experience in world wide surf; they know very well the various surf spots in Senegal and the surrounding area, so you will always be (and feel) safe. They will also give you information and advices about the surfing equipment and materials, about safety in the water and out of it, about health and nutrition. 

If the waves are not good right in front of the Surf House, don’t worry, because we will drive our jeeps 4x4 to go in search of the best waves of the days. Senegal, and especially N’gor-Dakar area, offers a wide range of surf opportunities, so there will always be a perfect wave for you, any day of any season.
Our crew in N’gor-Dakar area offers lessons, courses and coaching for all levels of ability: from complete beginners to experienced surfers looking just for a Surf Guide with local knowledge to bring them to the most challenging spots, and to score the best conditions.


Here everybody is a beginner, ready to learn how to catch waves and surf! No place to be ashamed… You’ll share with everybody your progress surfing in a truly friendly environment. This level is perfect if this is going to be your first surf experience, or, even if you had already some session in the water, but you still don’t feel like going on your own. And of course is the best to introduce your kids to the Sport and the Ocean. Your progresses will be shared with other beginners giving you the opportunity to get better at any moment. In just 30 hours we guarantee you’ll be surfing!!
Our certified surf instructors will give you the opportunity to live the best experience of your life in a totally safe environment, with specialists of water rescue looking after you. You’ll learn all the safety measures necessary for the safe practice of this wonderful sport; you’ll also have a complete introduction to the Ocean breath theory: the sea cycles, the daily and astronomic tides, the currents and the rips, the weather conditions and forecasting, the breaks’ bottoms, etc.: all the basic information for your future free surfing sessions!


If you already did a 1st level surf course, or if you surf but not regularly and you want to improve your skills, or finally if you simply want to surf in a very good and safe atmosphere without having to carry your own material: this is the level for you!
Our certified surf instructors will evaluate your skills and supervise your training, advising or correcting whatever is necessary to improve your surf. You’ll rapidly gain a lot of security on the waves, reading the wall and the lip movements, forecasting the rolling of the wave and improving and developing your tricks.
All this in maximum safety conditions: our instructors will guarantee your fun and improvement with no risk for your safety.
In intermediate level courses we'll help you to perfection your style; we’ll help you to eliminate all these "bad habits" acquired through out your free surfing sessions. You'll learn how to duck dive correctly, how to maneuver correctly, and how to use your weight to drive the board. Basic movements will be taught to you by our experienced instructors, as the bottom turn or the cut back…and maybe some radical reentry! These courses take place at the same beaches and on the same schedules of the level one course.

With our Surf Guide you will surf the best waves of the day, no matter where they are located. Designed for the competent surfer looking to get out there and have some solid fun in the MSenagalese surfing environment. Each morning you will be picked up by our expert Surf Guide and taken to the best surf spot of the day in the area.
Don’t waste time searching for good waves. Our Surf Guide, with its local knowledge, will take you there. Just bring your own material, and let you drive around to the best spots.
These kinds of Surfaris are made to fit to advanced/experienced surfers: if you think you are ready to surf in shallow reef breaks, share the peak with the locals, and paddle anything on your way, then this is the level for you!
We remember that you’ll have to bring your own gear, that it is not included in this package: nobody knows better than you which kind of wood you want to ride!
You’ll be guided by our team sharing with you the knowledge acquired in 20 years of surfing all around the world. You’ll also have some very useful advice about each single spot: how to get in and out, how to use or avoid the rips and currents, how to read the waves and the sets, etc.
Our guides will paddle out with you in the water and they will help you to choose the appropriate waves for you to improve your skills. You’ll learn how to “behave” in the water, respecting the locals, knowing the priority rule and learning how to avoid conflicts which undoubtedly will be useful in future surf trips anywhere in the world.


The surf instructors speaks french or english.

School Equipment: long boards 9 "

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