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How is night life at the SurfCamp?
In Dakar there are some places where you can dance and have fun.

Is it hash or marijuana legal in Senegal?
Despite of being part of the Senegal culture, cannabis is still an illegal substance. Even though the quality is excellent and very inexpensive, tourists should be very careful, especially in the areas where the ganja is produced. Making deals on the streets can also be a little dangerous.
How good are the Senegalwaves for beginner surfers?
The N’gor-Dakar area is known because of the variety of different waves that can accommodate all levels of surfers. There are some very popular for beginners, but you can also find several kilometers of beach breaks with very few people. Without any doubt, if you’e looking for them you will find the most solid waves of the Atlantic Ocean.
Is there any delinquency problem in Senegal?
Fortunately, N’gor-Dakar area is a tourist area with negligible crime. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to walk around at night in certain areas of Dakar because it can be dangerous, like anywhere else in the world. When we organize party nights in Dakar, we always go with the guides that know well the area.
How are the highways in Senegal?
Be aware of confusing road signs. If you are thinking of going by road, bringing your own car, or renting one, we recommend using good road maps and always being aware of detours. There are all sorts of highways from enchanting side roads to large, paved, highways.
Do any of the Calima Surf packages include airplane tickets?
None of the Calima Surf packages in Senegal include airplane tickets or ferry tickets, but they do include transfers to-and-from the international airport of Dakar. Contact us if you need any help or advice about your flight.
At what time do the courses start?
Lessons start at 9.30am every day (9.30-12.30am, 2.00-4.00pm). Choosing a full day lesson you can freely enjoy our gear after the end of the course, however students doing a half day will have to bring it back in order to ensure rentals for our customers.
What am I going to learn in a beginner course?
In a beginner level course, you are going to learn the basics of surfing: get familiar with the ocean, the safety measures to keep when in the water, a theory introduction to the sea cycles (tides, swells, seasons etc.), how to paddle in and pass the whitewater, how to paddle into the waves, how to stand up on your board and SURF!
After doing our beginner course, you will be able to:

Equip yourself without help:
-Put on your wetsuit correctly
-Wax your board
-Put your leash on your back leg

 Enter in safely:
-Going in the water without a board: floating, swimming under the surface and under a wave
-Going in the water with your board: respecting the security area shown to you by your instructor, holding your board tight and safely
-Paddling efficiently

Catch a broken wave (foam)
-Riding the foam lying on your board
-Riding the foam paddling
-Riding the foam paddling to the shore

Standing up in one
-Riding the foam, stand up on your board
-Riding the foam, learn to pop up in one (perfect take off)
What am I going to learn in an intermediate course?
In an intermediate course, we’re going to correct all the bad habits you could have acquired during your free surfing sessions, to perfection your style, to read the wave, the sets, the wall and the lip, to do the right movement in the right section of the wave, all the tricks useful to the good execution of the basic maneuvers as bottom turns, cut backs, and why not, some radical snap!
After doing our intermediate course, you will be able to:

Reach the line-up
-Getting to the line-up fast, efficiently and safely
-Avoiding the breaking area, going round it
-Learning how to use the rip to your advantage
-Waiting for the right window

-Learn how to read the wave and how to get up before it breaks
-Learn how to stand up efficiently (as soon as possible)

Maintain your balance
-Find the right balance all along the wave, and ride it to its best potential

After the lessons: is the surf equipment still at disposition of the Surf Camps clients?
Yes, if you reserved the full day course. If you reserve just the half-a-day course, you will be able to rent them afterwards!

Should I be a pro-surfer to choose your Surf Guide instead of courses and lessons?

Absolutely not! But if you want just a Surf Guide we suppose you can already surf and know all the safety rules to keep in the water!

Surfers choosing our Surf guiding formula should be able to:
-Catch waves
-Take the right direction
-Ride either lefts or rights
-Do bottom turns