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Our Surf camp are located on the N'gor island, five minutes driving distance from the main land  and 20mn driving distance away from the Capital, Dakar.

The Senegal destination is very good for experienced surfers, because here is different kind of waves but most of them are reef breaks. You will be able to surf a lot of right and left, but only a few lucky happy will have the chance to ride the world class spot, Oakun. This perfect right doesn’t work very often.


Any way, there is also 2 perfect beach breaks for beginners. N'gor Island is well known because its offer good conditions for every one.

Beautiful environment, good vibes, many beaches, friendly people and no localism... If you are thinking in your next surf vacation, do not think it twist and come to Africa..

In the 1966 surfing cult movie “The Endless Summer” two American surfers came to the N’gor village area of Senegal.

The young characters found surfable waves and a culture curious about foreigners and the sport of surfing.
Forty years later, surf tourism has swelled in Dakar, and in the past decade more locals are learning the difficult sport.

Senegal is a perfect country to introduce ourselves to the Western Africa culture, offering a lot of possibilities to the traveller as variety of landscapes (savannah, tropical forests, rivers, virgin beaches etc.), its biological diversity, its cities or its cultural richness, with the vantage that its infrastructures are way better than its confining countries, so an independent traveller in Senegal can move quite easily and won’t need a big effort to deal with transportation problems.

Senegal is located on the western part of the African continent and offers a big contrast between the semi-desert north and the tropical south, with awesome vegetation and fauna. Its natural parks host hundreds of animal species, especially birds due to the special location that offer a great shelter for migratory species escaping the European winter looking for better climates in the South.

Whereas North Atlantic cold fronts brunt Western Europe, with gale force winds, and freezing water temperatures, Senegal receives only long period ground swells, with seasonal water temperatures (20º-25ºC for most of the year), direct sunlight, and some of the best point-breaks in the world, embracing all the Atlantic ground swell activity, with an all year round surfing season peaking from October to April.

It’s one of the most visited countries in western Africa, but the most of the just stay in the tourist resorts on the Atlantic beaches, so you can go around and visit the country without the hassle of big mass tourism.
According to the time you have for travelling, you should know the most interesting parts of the country as the Niokolo-Koba or the País Bassari National Parks, in the eastern area.

Along the coastline you’ll realize that this country is endowed with an incredible geological diversity, with bays, beaches and capes, bathed in water always over 20ºC, even in the coldest winter day, representing for the European surfers a great winter escape. The variety of surf in this area of Senegal is huge. The region has something for everyone, from ideal beginner waves to challenging reef ledges. Due to the nature of the coastline there is almost always somewhere a sheltered and manageable peak.
Hundreds of miles of coastline facing North West Atlantic Ocean at the latitude trough which the swells run in winter, going lower and lower in the hemisphere.
Its proximity, its inexpensive cost of living, its mild oceanic-tropical climate and the fact that it constitutes a foretaste of the African Continent, have earned Senegal its first place among exotic countries as the preferred destination of surfers.

There is a huge amount of quality spots and they all have easy access. The low cost of living here is an added bonus for the traveling surfer. The Almadies Peninsula, just outside Dakar has the largest swell window of the Senegal coastline, making it an ideal base for a surf trip. Not only do you benefit from all available swell but also from being able to pick the best break for the wind.

Plenty of surf spots, world class surf, uncrowded beaches, cheap, lifestyle and good transport infrastructures.

November to March is the best time with the winter swells being pushed down from the north. The north and North West swells that arrive can be expected to be in the 2-10ft range - giving good conditions for surfers of all levels. August to October sees smaller but consistent swells in the 3-6ft range. The long dry season should also ensure a pleasant trip.
Senegal's most famous wave is probably the righthander at N'gor beach - one of the classic surf spots featured in Endless Summer.

Surfing Senegal means: Many Good Quality Surf Spots & No Crowds!!

We are proud to say that here is no localism. You will be able to surf with friendly people who like to share theirs waves. So we recommend being respect to keep the good vibes

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