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Almadies - Corniche des Almadies
Very nice surf spot, offshore wind very often. You are at the extrem West of Africa!!


Baie de Hann - Hann beach
The CVD beach (Club de Voile de Dakar) is in the south of "baie de Hann", the history yatch club in Dakar. Unfortunately, the chimic pollution and the port transformed the place as dustbin. 
The bay is windy from East/North-East, the water is flat. Near the beach, the buildings make the wind bad, but as soon as you go far from the beach (behind the boats), the wind is better and stronger.

Corniche Est - Anse Bernard beach
The beach is on the left of Hotel Savana (when looking at the see) on the Petite Corniche, on East side of Cap Manuel. You can park your car on the road upside, in from of the house of the Prime Minister (if a watcher tells you to go away, it's here ! ).
A little path goes to Anse Bernard beach, the beach is small, but enought to take off… the wind is side–on-shore … no problem to go back to the beach if you are autonomous (you'll easyly find someone to help you with your kite), but it's better not to go further on the see than the Cap Bernard (pontoon of Hotel Savana)… careful, they are some stones !
The aera is very pleasant, with Goree Island in background … it's easy to take nice pictures from the top of the cliff.
Wind conditions : E-NE is ideal because it's regular… when turning to the North it becomes in gust, so it's a good spot the the beginning of the season (oct-nov) when trade winds are from East-NE
However, you'll be safely kiting by taking a agreement with a paddler !

Corniche Ouest - Ouakam Beach
Surfers love the famous Ouakam Wave ... but kitesurfers don't like offshore wind.


N'gor beach - left
Very nice wave on the left, between island and village Ngor, to surf or jump. Riding on the bay or offshore is possible: attention, stones and shorebreak.

Ngor beach - right
Nice spot, but very small beach, lot of people on the sand during june-october, flat water, venturi wind from N-NE (alyzee from october to june). Riding on the bay or outside is possible (attention : stones and shorebreak).

Many restaurants stand along this nice beach.

BCEAO – Paillottes
This is the great spot at Dakar-Yoff !
It is better to go near the rescue station, or on the right, because there is a bad stream just in from of the road.
The trade winds are very nice in this area, onshore or sideshore from the right (N-NE). At rising tide the waves could be strong but not very high (1m - 2m).
YOFFIce spot

The "Yoff Ice" spot is located in the Yoff village, near the ice factory of the fishing port, just in front of the Yoff island. Thewater is rather flat, the waves (and stones !) appear both sides of the island.
The wind N-NE is favorable in this area.

Yoff - Tuund 'dune'
Wave spot, strong water stream, very large area behind the beach.Wind N-NE onshore-sideshore

Grande Côte
From Yoff to Saint-Louis
The Grande Cote lies from Dakar to Saint-Louis.
On a 200km long beach, a powerfull shorebreak, stream and v waves awes are given to you ... main wind is sideshore.
You can access by 4WD car, or with the road at Lac Rose (cross over the dunes : 1 km), Kayar, Mboro, Lompoul, Gandiol ... attention : avoid fishing boad access areas !
The Grande Côte is still wild, and is a marvellous area to train kiting on the beach.

Grande Côte - Lac Rose

The Lac Rose (Lac Retba) lies at the north of Dakar, about 1km from the ocean.
Even this spot is mythic, you must remind that people work there to get salt. The water density is highter than clear water, so kitebaording is special there, and it burns eyes ans feet ! Ocean side, it's great ! Great spaces, on the water and on the sand ...

South of Saint-Louis, 3 or 4 kilometers from the town (coming by the island, then Guet Ndar fishers quater, and then muslim cimetary) the Hydrobase is the starting of "la Langue de Barbarie" .
You can kitesurf on both sides : ocean or river. The main wind is from N-NW, sideshore or onshore, stable from november to june, 15-20 knots. Vawes are here ! During january-february, the East wind Harmattan blowes sometimes around 30kts.
Attention : total autonomy needed on the ocean, on this spot you are alone ...
River side, if you dont want waves or if the wind comes from East (dangerous on the ocean), you can ride on not deep water, and there is a nice place to go in the water just near the hotel Diamarek (attention there are 3 coconutrees and one filao; security is nice with North or East winds ; here the river is more than one kilometer wide :
Saint-Louis - Langue de Barbarie
South of Saint-Louis, "la Langue de Barbarie" is a long sandy area, about 100m width between Atlantique Ocean et Senegal River.
You can kitesurf on both sides : ocean or river. The main wind is from N-NW, sideshore or onshore, stable from november to june, 15-20 knots. Vawes are here ! During january-february, the East wind Harmattan blowes sometimes around 30kts.
Attention : total autonomy needed on the ocean, on this spot you are alone ...
A new rivermouth was channeled a few years ago, 5kms at the south of the town, 1km at the south of Hydrobase ; This is now the new rivermouth and the older is becoming sandy.
They are lot of hotels, but for nature lovers, the Zebrabar offers you a wonderfull place in the Natural Parc of the Langue de Barbarie, where you can kitesurf on both river and ocean.

Saint-Louis - Senegal river
The Senegal river mouth offers a wide kitesurfing aera, along the Langue de Barbarie (south of St-Louis) or in the north of the town, where most areas are very safe for kitesurfing learning because the water is not deep .
The wind is regular, from N-NE (alizes), or E-NE (harmattan), and a thermic wind raise each afternoon.


Petite Côte
Petite Côte - Toubab Dialaw
Just south of Rufisque, Toubab Dialaw is a beach where a lot of people come to bath in the warm season (june-october).  Its a nice spot on flat water, with sometimes a shorebreak depending of seeflows.
The main wind NW-NE is side or offshore. Then it's offshore, the wind becomes bad because of the shore cliff.

Petite Côte - Popenguine
Very nice village, few persons. The main wind is just offshore.

Village beetween Popenguine and La Somone.
One way goes to the beach, an other one goes to the lagoon. Attention, kitesurfing is forbiben on the lagoon, its a restricted area, because of nature protection
See side, the spot is very nice, but warning: stones here!
Main wind is side or just onshore.
Petite Côte - La Somone

La Somone is a little touristic town.
Kitesurfing is quiet there on a flat water. The main wind from NW-NE is side or just offshore.
The Club Baobab beach at the river mouth is ideal, just in front of a little wave ... share it with surfers and kitesurfers. The lagoon behind is a classed reserve, so kiteboarding is forbidden there.
Petite Côte - Saly
Saly is the great seaside resort in Senegal. They are many hotels and restaurants, some boats stay in the bay, holidaytakers practise jet-ski, catamaran and windsurf, that they can rent in the hotels nautic clubs.
About kitesurfing, you need your own material, nothing is available on the place. The thermic wind in the afternoon is about 15-20kt, it's very nice in the bay with flat water.
But, it's difficult to raise your wing in the middle of the beach, because the beach is not broad enough ... You'll better walk a bit to the North, behind the cap of hotel Espadon. Beside Residence Les Christallines, where you'll find Jojo et Crevette, two sympatic fellows who provide windsurfs and Hobby Cat, the beach is great
Souther in the bay, it's possible to kitesurf near Tama Lodge, almost at the Mbour door. Attention, some stones are in the water !
Careful : the wind is often off ... wait for the thermic wind which appear in the afternoon (if you're lucky) !

Petite Côte - Nianing
A village on the Petite Côte at the south of Mbour, North of Pointe Sarene.
As always on the Petite Côte, the water is flat with a small shorebreak. Nianing lies on a bay between Saly and  Pointe Sarene, there is only sand and almost no stone ; the main wind from north is side, or side-on when it turns from north-west by thermic effect in the afternoon. Carefull with north wind, some turbulence may append on the beach or in the 100 meters, because of the coconuts forest that is near the beach, but after 100 meters it's perfect.

Petite CoteSine Saloum




a) Senegal - North shore

Two beach breaks ("Yoff" and "Virage"):  perfect for the beginners.
N'gor right and left: with rocky bottom. Very long and easy wave.
Baies des carpes: Rocky bottom . Very long left for surfing

Loic left: Rocky bottom .  very powerfull and long, But need a big south swell to work.

Yoff island right: sand bottom . This si a nice right, but is better with glassy conditions.

b) Senegal - South  ( only rocky bottom )
Club med: this wave is a powerful and fast right. Good barrels.

No return: Fast and hollow right.

Speed point: Very consistent left, very hollow and fast.

Secret: right and left for surfing relax

Vivier: right and left fast and funny. Not to long but sometimes some good barrels.

Mamelles: for Kamikazes only, strong wave for surfing

Ouakam: world class waves. Perfect right and left. Very nice barrels. But works only with south swell, when everywhere is closing out. A dream when you have the chance to be there at the right moment.

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