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Gran Canaria
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Academy near to the beach. Surfcamps, surf school, surfaris, guide, kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving and trekking on the natural park of Famara - Lanzarote – Canary. In the island of fire you will find the best conditions you are looking for, from the mellow beach break of Famara to some point or heavy reef break for the experienced surfer. Great food and local culture will make the rest to make you live an unforgettable experience. Go trekking, biking, surfing, enjoy the natural sight of rocks and Ocean, breath the pure air of the Atlantic and live the tranquillity of a real surf town as Caleta de Famara, to score the best swells and spend time with people like you having fun and enjoying.

Surfing holiday and accommodation near to the beach in Las Palmas, apartments in Maspalomas and Playa de los Ingleses. Surfcamp, surf school, surfaris and kitesurfing. Gran Canaria is the most populated of the Canary Island, with its big towns, and a lot of tourist facilities, will give you the opportunity to surf and kite in the best conditions as well as live the city life of the Canarians. Meet some local and go around the island after your surfing sessions. Our apartments close to the beach will make you lose almost no time on the way to the shore. Swim in clean waters; observe the marine nature of the reefs and the marvellous beaches of the island. Golden sand on the south coast where other beginners like you will look for some nice soft wave to ride, while in the points and reef the experienced and seasoned surfers will know how to have some real solid fun!

Girls camp
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Surfing holidays, Fuerteventura house, hotel, hostel and private apartments in Corralejo. Surf school, surfari, windsurf and kitesurfing holidays in Fuerteventura-Canaries. This island is totally different from the others, like reproducing a small part of Africa right in the middle of the Ocean. The island stretch along in the NE-SW direction, just embracing almost the totality of the Atlantic swell, from the smallest sea movement to the biggest groundswell manageable. Corralejo is the place to be in Fuerteventura, with a lot of travellers and surfers from all over the world, a town with all the services you need and also the best beaches around in few minutes. All the east coast offers really good points when the current and the wind-swell funnels throughout the channel, while the north coast can give you the emotion of the more intense ride of your life when the Atlantic is hitting and the wind is off!

El burro beach
Holidays in a perfect destination for Winter camp, we offers the best quality comfort surf house in Taghazout-Agadir, private apartments, surf school, surf guide; Kitesurfing and windsurf holiday in Morocco-Essaouira. Whereas North Atlantic cold fronts brunt Western Europe, with gale force winds, and freezing water temperatures, Morocco receives only long period ground swells, with seasonal water temperatures (18º-20ºC for most of the year), direct sunlight, and some of the best right-hander point-breaks in the world, embracing all the Atlantic ground swell activity, with an all year round surfing season peaking from October to April.
Taghazout in Central-Southern Morocco, just a few strides from Agadir, is one of the best surfing regions of this country, as it faces directly NW and it nestles behind a huge cape, Cape Ghir, which funnels the consistent North winds into an offshore direction. That’s why Morocco is a well known all season surf trip destination for surfers looking for easily accessible waves peeling out on flat rock sand point breaks, sandy beaches, pleasant temperatures and enough cultural diversity to blow your mind out.
Essaouira is a bit north of Tagazhout, and is known as “the city of wind”. Perfect destination to fill up your desires to mix-in the local culture, buying clothes in the local markets, and eating amazing local food. Listen to the important musicians coming here from all over the world. The long beach stretches down under the port jetty, forming a windy bay in front of the Jimi Hendrix Magic Spanish Castle. Can’t miss it.

Surf house near to the party and posada Vip on the paradise Tiririca beach-Itacare. Surfcamp, school, surfaris, capoeira and adventure holidays in Brazil, Salvador Bahia. Brasil is 365 days per year a warm destination, waves are everyday breaking onto the shore, some day bigger, some day smaller, someday windy, someday glassy…there will always be something to surf around! Beaches here are so great and long, you will be totally immerged in nature but enjoying the Vip resort accommodation that Calima Surf and Surf Camp Holidays offer to you. Itacaré, next to the jungle, can offer some real intense ride to the seasoned riders, when some point shows up in its better condition, and the rest of beaches will work fine in any condition! Get into the Brazilian culture, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, getting tanned and dancing anytime. Capoeira, samba…you choose the way you’re going to have real fun: dance or fight. Or just go surfing and forget the rest!

Accommodation near to the beach, Salvador of Bahia. Surfcamp, surf school, surfaris, diving, yoga, capoeira and adventure holidays in Bahia. Bahía is one of the best places to be in Brasil for surfing and tourism, home to some of the best waves of South America East Shore and to the richest cultural diversity you’re going to be amazed to discover! Wake up, surf, eat healthy food, rest, and dance, go around, meet some people and surf again: are you really looking for more? Get into the Brazilian culture, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, getting tanned and dancing anytime. Capoeira, samba…you choose the way you’re going to have real fun: dance or fight. Or just go surfing and forget the rest! Brasil is 365 days per year a warm destination, waves are everyday breaking onto the shore, some day bigger, someday smaller, someday windy, and someday glassy…there will always be something to surf around! Beaches here are so great and long, you will be totally immerged in nature but enjoying the resort accommodation that Calima Surf and Surf Camp Holidays offer to you.

Beautiful surf house and bungalows in Punta Hermosa in front of the big waves of Pico Alto, surf school and special surfari to the best waves like Pacasmayo, Centinela y Chicama. Someone says that here sleeps the longest lefthander of the world. Someone just says that Peru has a lot of unknown and undiscovered waves, that are still waiting for someone to discover and ride’em. Some says that Peru is “an other kind” of South America. Someone says that is the people that makes this place wonderful, and the food. We will just say that we are in love with Punta Hermosa and all Peru, and we can assure that a trip like this will change your life, as surfer, as traveller, as person. You’ll get better, improving your surfing on the long and rideable waves of the South Pacific, while you’re going to know a special culture to live together with both, your new and old friends. Just amazing.


Mentawai – Padang – Indonesia

Special boat trips for surfing, diving charters and fishing holidays in the best paradise for surfing holidays on the world and the top of accommodation in the Aloita Resort and SPA in Silbok island – Mentawai. Do you ever hear the world “stoked”? Maybe yes, but you don’t know what it means until you don’t go to Mentawai, live your day just in order of the waves, eat and sleep at the Ocean breath rhythm, fish your own dinner and don’t think about nothing. Score the best conditions Mentawaiis are famous for! Just tubes over tubes, in glassy or offshore conditions, in crystal clear waters. Choose you perfect wave and ride it. Is all bout that. No headache, no stress: just you the sea and your board. You’ll meet on the line-up a lot of good surfers from around the world. You will enjoy surfing, as watching people surfing, as just relaxing and wait for the next sunset on the sea.

Boat trip Nagalaut


Maldives Islands – Indian Ocean

Boat trips, charters for surfing and diving holidays. Resort Lohifushi 4 start, dive centre and activities holiday for families and specials honey moon for your vacation. Maldives made themselves famous all over the surfing world for the perfection of the waves and the tranquillity reigning all over the archipelago. Lohi’s is the best known spot, but be sure there are many more to be discovered and surfed, getting along with the conditions. Live on a boat! Sleep, dream, eat…all on the boat! Sail to waves (forget driving!), and let the on-board crew tells you where to score the best: they are the real locals, they know they sea cycles here, the tides and swell movement, as they grew up in boats like these in this archipelago. Give yourself the opportunity to ride the deepest barrel of your life, in safe, perfect conditions!

Yacht - Luxury cruising
Maldives Atoll



Surfcamps for intermediate and advanced surfers, accommodation in Surf House or private bungalows on the island of N’gor.
We recommend this country for surfers looking for a quiet place to stay, uncrowned line-up, beautiful waves, lot of sun...Senegal also has one of the best nightlife in Africa, and the locals are still warm towards strangers! Facing the Middle Atlantic, Senegal is a country in total communion with the Ocean. N’gor beach in Dakar, is often home to natural occurrences, like whales passing, and dolphins staying at the bay. The waves are great, the beach break and the reefs form real good shaped waves apt for any level of surfing. Start the exploration of Africa from this point! If Morocco still has a lot of European influenced lifestyile, Calima Surf would say that Senegal is a real intense African experience, in a free country open towards strangers and tourists; and where resides an incredible waves potential yet to be exploited. Stay relaxed, surf, eat amazing food and local dishes. Dance all night with the locals, live the experience of your life in Senegal!




The camp for all levels. Beginners will learn surfing with the best school of the Peniche area. Experienced surfers can come and catch the wicked waves of Supertubos along with our surfaris expert guides. We offer very comfortable accommodation (private apartments or Surf House) right on the beach, in the scenic setting of the Baleal region. The summer months see high temperatures with world-renowned beaches of fine golden sand spanning the coast-line in front of the calm, clear seas, Baleal is a European paradise for sun-seekers and surfers. With more hours of sunshine than California and only short periods of rainfall, generally between November and March, Baleal has the perfect weather and climate for surfing. The more southern coastline is home to the fabulous beaches of golden sands and clear seas that is famous for. You are sure to find the perfect stretch of sand for you, whether it be a quiet, intimate cove where you can relax by yourself or a lively, and more active beach with shops and restaurants aplenty, surfing and watersports and family fun.

Baleal confort accommodation


Sagres – Algarve - Portugal

All-levels, accommodation in the Sagres Surf House with a beautiful sight-seeing on the ancient town of Sagres, and bedrooms for 2, 4 or 6 surfers. Only 5 min. walk from the amazing spots of the Algarve...Enjoy the perfection of the Portuguese waves in a gorgeous location. The biggest days for waves are normally at the end of winter, although you can find good conditions throughout the whole year. The Algarve coast is one of the warmest places in Europe, and fortunately for everyone, the area around the surf house area is protected by the government, because it is a Natural Park. The summer months see high temperatures that attract beach-goers and sun-lovers from around the world. The Algarve has the perfect weather and climate for tourism and surf. The western end which juts out into the Atlantic is a rugged, undeveloped area, which has retained its natural charm, and is extremely dramatic, with cliffs of black rock from which Algarvian fishermen cling precariously hundreds of feet above the sea, for hours on end.
Nothing appears to have changed over the centuries, and the entire area is virtually untouched by tourism. The beaches here vary from tiny, intimate coves to long lengths of open soft sand, where the Atlantic waves crash and retreat.


Algarve - Lagos - Aljezur - Portugal

Portugal has been attracting surfers to its shores for decades, it offers quality surf year long with excellent sandy beach and point breaks. Portugal has been likened to that of Southern California many times and it does not disappoint as it delivers a decent sized surf peak and with water temperatures never dropping too low offers a great all year round destination. Surf and kite camp for beginners and intermediate riders. The Algarve is one of the favourite destinations for European surfers who appreciate the local culture and the stunning landscapes. We also provide comfy accommodation for free surfing riders. The Algarve encompassing the extreme south western tip of the European continent boast 100 miles of coastline with some of the most dramatic surf beaches to be found in Europe. It's permeated with memories of the long-ago Moorish occupation and is regarded as the garden of Portugal with beautiful flowers and in many ways resembles the coastline of Morocco just found across the Gibraltar strait. The strong Nortada wind offer ideal conditions to learn and practice kiteboarding on the Algarve. That is why the PKRA choose the beach of Alvor as one tour stops of the professional Kiteboarding Worldtour. But the other days, the Portuguese Pro Riders who are also training on the lagoon and close-by ocean, keep motivation and inspiration up. The water temperature varies from 15° to 21°
and you can enjoy a lot of sunny winter days in Algarve. Agricultural products of the region include fig, almond, orange (laranja do Algarve), carob bean, strawberry tree and cork oak.



Ericeira – Portugal

Beginners and intermediated. Close-to-the-beach deluxe apartments with swimming-pool, garden, barbecue etc. Perfect waves, sun and fun guaranteed! Portugal has been attracting surfers to its shores for decades, it offers quality surf year long with excellent sandy beach and point breaks. Portugal has been likened to that of Southern California many times and it does not disappoint as it delivers a decent sized surf peak and with water temperatures never dropping too low offers a great all year round destination. In 1976 Surfer Magazine published a news article that made Portugal well-known all over the surfing world, showing its true potential. During the sixties, there was already a handful of Portuguese surfers that managed to catch waves in a country where there were no surf shops or surfboard shapers at all. Ericeira is home to the best waves and surf scene of Portugal. Come here, enjoy your lonely waves, improve your style, get wet with the locals and surf all day everyday!


El Salvador – La Libertad – La Bocana – El Sunzal

Surf camp, surfschool, tours and surfaris for all levels.
We are located in a handsome region, where you will ride the best waves of Salvador. Anyone dreaming of warm water, perfect right breaks, nice people, and accommodation on the beach needs to discover this fabulous country. El Salvador is not yet well defined in the surfers mapping, of course is well located and exposed to the swells of the Pacific, but not yet as known and crowded as Costa Rica. So if you come you will be really amazed of the quality of waves in relation to the quantity of surfers in the line up. You’re going to have for yourself some of the best rights of the world, or simply have fun in 4ft glassy waves, in a sheltered bay if you prefer. Learn with us in the remotest American spots, or just get here and surf solid with the locals and traveller surfers from all over the world looking for great experiences, like you.


Cabo Verde – Isla Sal – Santa Maria

Surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing school for all levels. Best seasons are autumn and winter, offering perfect waves and off shore wind in the mornings, and stronger wind during the afternoons, satisfying all riders. Whether if you are a kiter, a surfer or a windsurfer, conditions in Isla do Sal en Cabo Verde are real nuts! Wake up early, score some good surf in low wind or offshore wind conditions, then when the wind grows get your wind-surf and sail the bay. At midday you could bust some air on the kite, using the choppy as a ramp, to end up again your water day in a perfect sunset wave…the climate and weather here are so mellow that you couldn’t believe, there’s a lot of sun here, and always a wave to ride or some wind to score.
Open all year long. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover a real deal in the middle of the Atlantic, with full vegetation, coloured parrots and birds and of course amazing surf conditions!

Cape Verde
Accommodation confort in apartments


Bali – Kuta – Binging – Indonesia

Beginners surfers with accommodation right on the splendid beach of Kuta. Advanced surfers will stay just in front of the world-famous spot of Binging. We provide surfaris, surf tours and boat trips to take you to perfect Indonesian spots like the islands of Lembonga and Sumbawa! We recommend the period between May and October. Get to the Indian Ocean: go to the Island of Gods, Bali, home to perfect tubey lefthanders point breaks, home to the best reef breaks of the world, with wonderful beaches and great local culture: amaze yourself in the epicentre of the worldwide surfing community; or cross the jungle and reach the remote places and temples will fill your spirit of exploration. Share some hours with a monkey (but be careful, they are very nasty!) and then relax a bit in this amazing cultural experience. The cosmopolitan Kuta is a great base to move around, offering a great beach break in front of your house if you are a beginner. On the other hand, you have a lot of solid alternatives, like in Padang, where the experienced surfers will find what they’re looking for.

Indonesia paradise


Asturias – Aviles – Cantabria

Summer adventure camps for all ages (we provide kids camps too) with accommodation on the beach of Quebrantos. Come and enjoy the delicious local food and the amazing landscapes of Asturias. Our professional surf instructors are highly qualified, and guarantee very quick progress. We’re open from June to October. More than 4km natural wild beach, the longest in Asturias, with sandbanks and reef and rocks, able to offer great conditions for the experienced as for the beginner surfer. Great professional will teach the best techniques to ride at your best, and to refill your body with energy then go to some sidreria and you’ll know what it means “to eat” in Asturias. Drink the apple cider offered in the traditional way…but don’t drink too much, cause Asturias has some of the best waves in Europe, and you don’t want to miss the perfect session your going to score later! Mix the Celtic culture with the Roman’s and you’ll get what Asturias is all about. True values, strong commitment, Latin style easy going life and amazing surf.


Galicia – La Coruña – Razo

All-levels surfers with accommodation near the beach (fully equipped Surf Houses with terrace and garden), kitesurfing and adventure packages also included. Make the most of your surf trip and discover one of the most beautiful regions of Spain-Galicia, its gastronomic cuisine and its friendly people. Marine reserve, home to a lot of sea-life, here where the Cantabric and the Atlantic mix together, generating some of the best sand bottoms of northern Europe, able to rise up even the smallest sea movement and wall up a wave for everybody. Some of the best Spanish surfers grew up surfing Galician waves, the numerous bays and coves offer always a choice for a sheltered peak if the swell is pumping, or a exposed break if the groundswell isn’t’ so solid at all. Add to it some of the best food of Europe and the amazing landscapes this region will offer. It will remind you New Zealand or Ireland, but with warmer water and Spanish nightlife!

Razo beach