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Fuerteventura is the second biggest island of the Canaries archipelago, and the closest to the African coast.

Mapa de FuerteventuraThe island is very flat thus with strong winds and the perfect paradise for Wind surfers and Kite surfers. Every year in July Fuerteventura helds the Windsurf speed and slalon world championship, at the beach "Sotavento" on the south of the island.


The surf school and surfcamp are located in the north of the island, in the touristic port of Corralego, some 45km from the airport.







Navy Meteorology and Oceanography Swell Models

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When will there be wind? probably one of the most asked questions in windsurfing. Although the wind may be out of our control, we can at least give you a rough idea of how to predict when it should be here.

The NE trade winds blow throughout the year, although they tend to move up & down the Atlantic. In summer, which is our windy period, the trades can start to blow as early as March and as late as May. Contrary to popular belief the trade winds are not strong winds; only about 3 Bft. on the open sea. However around Fuerteventura we have acceleration zones where the wind is either funnelled between mountains, or islands and where the wind can sometimes increase to as much as 8 - 9 Bft.

We at Flag Beach Windsurf Centre are lucky to be situated in one of these acceleration zones, with our most commonly used sail being 5.0 - 5.3m². The trades can blow right the way through to the middle of September when they tend to move further south, hence the reason why the Cape Verdes are best in winter. (Dec/Jan/Feb)

The summer winds are controlled by having High pressure sitting over the Azores (Azores High) and a Low over the Sahara (Sahara Low). The Low is formed by hot air rising and this pulls in the relatively cold air from the High pressure. The High pressure can be very stable and it is not uncommon for it to extend right across the Atlantic from Portugal to Florida.

In winter the whole picture changes. We now have small Low pressure systems coming out off the North American High (cold stable air), on to the coast off N. Foundland these come down to about 35°N and travel eastwards accross the Atlantic, all the time getting deeper + stronger. They bring the bad weather to Europe and the British Isles, and it is from these Low pressure systems that we have our waves in the winter. Occasionally one ventures further south than usual and clips the islands, giving us insane windsurfing conditions as well as creating havoc in most of the harbours in the Canaries. The wind tends to be 7- 8 sometimes 9 Bft. and blows from a south - southwest direction. It lasts 2 - 4 days and gives us the chance to windsurf locations which normally only a handfull of time during the winter period.

Finally, one other wind direction which deserves a mention is the Scirroco. This is a hot dry wind straight off the Sahara desert some 65miles away. This is either onshore or cross -onshore from the right. It can be strong or light and normally lasts anything from 2 - 10 days.

As you can see, winter wind is very unpredictable and we only have an avg. of 2 - 3 days/wk of wind. (see wind statistics). Waves however are far more common, hence we offer Boogey Boarding & Surfing.